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A new approach to pay monthly website design…

Discover a new approach to pay monthly website design with Discover Websites.

Do you want a business website that grabs attention and makes a big splash in your targeted market, but don’t want to pay a fortune in up-front fees?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

At Discover Websites, we believe in doing things differently. Our goal is to provide cutting-edge, premium websites without asking for large payments up-front. We believe this represents a completely new approach to website design.

Our innovative pay monthly website design and build service began back in 2010, when we piloted a special offer. We pledged to provide a website to any customer who signed up to any of our range of pay monthly website hosting or maintenance packages, a deal that at the time could save the average business customer around £500. The offer proved to be so popular that we decided to run it permanently as a stand alone offering, and since then businesses across the UK have benefited.

Our pay monthly plans offer excellent value. Our packages start from as little as £10.00 per month and can include everything that you need, from website hosting to regular edits. And with our premium gold package, we can even run your website blog for you, keeping your site fresh and relevant.

Sign up with Discover Websites today and we can get you online with a professionally-designed, mobile-responsive website in just a few days, and for just one affordable, fixed monthly fee, we can take care of all future edits, maintenance and associated updates, leaving you free to focus on running your business.

Contact us today to discuss the best option for your business needs on 01278 556119.

Putting technology at the heart of everything you do

At Discover Websites, we believe that, for almost every small business, there’s an affordable solution that will allow them to get online with a professionally-designed, modern website, without the need to spend a fortune.

In fact, we’re confident that in choosing a website design and build from us, you will have a more reliable, more professional-looking site than if you spent thousands of pounds to have a bespoke coded one, built from scratch.

Using the Elegant Themes software, and in particular, the popular Divi theme, we’ve produced eye-catching sites for clients in a wide range of businesses, from the construction business to the jewellery trade. Our websites aren’t just designed to look good, either; they’re also optimised to perform well in Google searches.

Take a look at the video above to get an overview of the amazing things that this Divi theme can do. We now use this theme for around 90% of our projects. We’re so impressed by it, that we use it for our own websites, including this one.

One of the many great features of this theme is that it’s constantly being developed, so as new features become available, your site will be updated in an evolutionary way. This is hugely beneficial to any business, because it means you’re spared a costly and time-consuming website re-design every few years.

Just consider how quickly technology has progressed. It was only in 2007 that smartphones began to become ubiquitous, and the iPad dates back only as far as 2010. Most websites built before these dates were unable to handle the new technology and had to be rebuilt or had to undertake big changes. But by opting for a pay monthly website hosting and maintenance plan with Discover Websites, your site will evolve to keep pace with new technology. Get in touch with us today and find out how we can build you a future-proof site that will meet your business needs now and long into the future.

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Getting a website online – the options

One of the most important things you can do for your company is to have an online presence, even if you own a local bricks and mortar business. Nowadays, if you don’t have a website, you’re quite likely missing out on a lot of custom.

So what are the options if you need to get yourself a website? Well, obviously you’ll have to work out what you need and can afford before you start, but read on for some of the ways businesses get themselves online, along with the pros and cons:

1. Self-build using software such as Wix or Moonfruit

Wix and similar sites can be a great way to quickly build a website, but they do limit some of their features unless you buy one of their paid plans. Even then, it still is a fairly cheap way to get started as you’d pay around £4 – £10 per month for a very simple site.

So far so good, but when you add in that these sites often show ads on your site unless you pay, building a site this way might give your company a less than professional image.

Furthermore, people simply don’t like being advertised to, and if your site is a flashing mess of adverts that distract from your actual content and your message, aren’t related to what you offer, and come in clashing colours that don’t fit your brand, chances are you are frightening off potential customers.

These sites can be very good if you have an eye for design, but if you don’t, and also don’t have the time to commit to keep the site updated, you can find that a site built in this way can reflect poorly on your business, and potentially cause more problems than solve.

2. Lean on a friend or family member to create a website

This is another great money saving option if you happen to know someone who is a web designer. They may be able to swap services with you, work on your site in their free time, or offer you a greatly reduced rate to help your budget out.

You may still find you get a professionally designed site, but without the normal price tag!

But – and you knew I was going to say that – there’s a downside here, too. First of all, working with friends and family is never that easy. If you disagree about the design or what you want, you might find you have to explain that the result isn’t exactly what you wanted and that you’re going to have to pay a professional developer instead. Now that really would be an awkward conversation to have!

Not only that, but if your friend is working in their own time to build your site, it may take considerably longer to complete than it should, and all the time your site isn’t up and running, you are the one who is losing money and customers.

3. Pay a web designer upfront to build your bespoke website for you

With a professional designer, you can get exactly what you want, when you want it.

You can have a bespoke, gorgeous, easy to use website with all the bells and whistles, but it will come with some upfront cost.

You’d normally have to pay half of the money upfront, with the remainder payable on completion, and you’d expect to pay from £1,000 upwards for custom coding, plus a monthly fee for hosting and any maintenance, such as tweaks and updates.

Here at Discover Websites, we do offer this type of website design, but we believe it is only really necessary and suitable for more advanced, bespoke websites where you need something creating for the first time. An example of one of these more bespoke sites is this asset labels site that allows the user to design a label online.

For many businesses, a straightforward beautifully branded and well-designed site with a home page, about page, services page and a contact page will be more than enough for what you need.

And there is a downside, apart from the price. A bespoke and custom coded website may be something that you don’t have the technical know-how to edit on your own, and the cost of any additions or changes may make this kind of site very expensive in the long term.

There is most certainly a place for high-end, bespoke websites, and by all means get in touch if that’s what you need, but we won’t recommend that for you if we don’t think you need it, and we do think that there’s another way.

4. Pay monthly website development

Introducing our service offering pay monthly website development. We believe this offers the best of all worlds.

Even without a hefty upfront payment, you can still have a modern, well-designed and mobile-responsive website for your business. You’ll have just one reasonable, fixed monthly fee that covers your website hosting, back-ups and can even include ongoing edits so you can concentrate on the running and growing of your business while we take care of maintaining the website for you.

We use WordPress, along with a premium theme which offers practically endless customisation and flexibility; and the biggest benefit of all is that, behind the scenes, your website will continue to evolve as new technology becomes available so your site – and your business! – are not left stuck in time, while the rest of the internet advances.

Essentially, you will be getting the benefit of tens of thousands of development hours so that you end up with the website your business needs to succeed.

With packages from just £10 per month, depending on how much support you’d like, this really could be the ideal solution for your business. Why not give us a call today, and get the ideal pay monthly website for your business at a price you can afford?


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